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    Math mocks Oisin133

    Is 62% good in maths mock paper 1

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      First of all eveyone has there own goals. WOULD you normally get around that mark? I would consider that a good mark.Also is it higher?

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      Ye it's higher but we had our mock the first day back after Xmas !!

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      God that was harse... Ye thats good considering u didnt have much time to settle back in. Hey if ya need any help with the course let me know.I didnt know the mocks were on that early.Our school doesnt have them for another 3 weeks.

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      This is my new profile..... Ye that was the only one on then , the rest are on next week

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      Sure my maths mocks are in two days. Im freaking out here but with you at least you have them over with and can start studying for JC! 62% is fairly good for HL maths like.

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