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    Maths Course for Higher Level Junior Cert not done Help

    type here...

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      There is about 5-7 topics that are teacher has not covered and i have only one class left of maths....... Is there anyone else in the same situation.. If so what you doing to do for the J.C?

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      to be honest its nearly all algebra and area+ volume, trigonometry so it wont be too bad if you have that covered

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      Thank you Our teacher has covered trigometry and algebra but not area and volume...

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      Area and volume in p2 I would say it would be around 20-30 marks

      There is around 2 pages covering area and volume but you would still get a good grade if you answer other types of Qs. correctly

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      The area and volume question can be pretty difficult :(

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      Thank you everyone

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      I found out today that the formulas for area and volume are in the log tables so I can try to attempt the question anyway

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      These are most of the things I've done in maths so far: Algebra, factors, sets, trigometry, geometry, theorems, pythagoras, cos/tan/sin, functions and simultaneous equations. I'm going into 3rd year next year

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