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    Maths christmas exams Sarah_Chreighton_k

    Hi ! So I'm doing my christmas exams soon I'm in higher level maths and I just can't remember how to do half the sums when I go into the Exam any tips on how to remember how to do the sums or websites that might help?

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      i find this difficult tooo. if you get anywhere tell me. i have bought the workbook so i can do some extra maths and practice them so i might remember them. (tag me)

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      dont worry,they mark higher level maths way easier.Project maths is a complete trainwreck and if it wasnt for the 25 points hardly anybody would do it.The course is far to big and not even the teachers are sure how to teach it.Try "the maths",dats wat i use.good luck in your exam

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      Thanks :)

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