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    Paper 1 Maths Paper Question MysticManiac

    So paper 1 maths is over!

    Anyway, what did ye get for the question about the ball and the height and the time for "Estimate the total time it was in the air"? I got 3.7s

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      i got 7 seconds... :(

      I'm really bad at maths, and urs makes a whole lot more ball was defying gravity. Did u get he last part of the Currency Q?

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      I said 200 sterling for the last part

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      thanx :)

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      I think I'll get a B in maths

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      Based on the accuracy of ur answers, I'd say you'd get an A.

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      11ND - CCM

      They might be the right answer, but that's not the right question. I think it was how long did it take for the ball to fall to the ground was it not? I'm not sure. But if you have the right question then you're answer is wrong because I think the quests had 3 seconds just on the table. I can't remember what I got. But I think I got an A in that paper.

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      The question was: for how long was the ball on the air?

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      I'm looking at the exam paper, the question is, and I quote "Estimate the total time the ball spends in the air. Justify your answer". The question before that is "Estimate the height of the ball after 3.5 seconds"

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      Sorry in the air, not on the air

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      How can you have the exam paper, the answers were meant to be written on the paper.

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      I go to an irish-speaking school, and we get the english and irish version, so we get to keep the english version. Also, the exam papers are available on

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      Well you definitely did good on your irish exams. Must've been no problem for you.

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      Yeah I think it went well, but still, the unseen poetry is hard. And I forgot the author's name for my prós. Oops lol

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      Thats only a few marks out of the 15 tho, so i'm sure you'll be fine

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      actually the author is 1 mark, and the name of the story is 1 mark. Still tho, I'd h8 to get a B, being in an irish-speaking school

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      11ND - CCM

      Hmm. Sounds right to be fair. But I'm not sure if the ball would be back on the ground from 6.9 metres in 0.7 seconds. You'll get most marks though :)

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      well the acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s/s, so that means it would take 1 second for the ball to fall 9.8m, so I assumed it would be approximately 0.7 seconds for 6.9m. I'm unsure though

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      Let's end this issue and talk about history. Any predictions for Q4, 5 and 6!

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      There's so many history posts about predictions already. You can just look at those

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      Thanx, forgot about that.

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      study person

      I got 4.4 seconds by continuing the pattern with a second difference of 0.8:/

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      11ND - CCM

      Hey guys. I was just reviewing how I thought I did on I found two different phases of the paper. "Phase" two or three. Both were the exact same except for the last question. I did phase two, anyone know the difference?

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