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advice needed!!
Ciara_6874 Junior Cert Mathematics — 27/05/16 3

i just passed my maths mock at 41% and im afarid i wont pass the junior cert?? any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

SryanBruen — 27/05/16
Firstly, you will at least pass the Junior Cert. The mocks are harder and you would have prepared less for them than the JC. Learn how to use formulas, theorems, constructions, factorising, functions, patterns and Algebra generally. All of this would get you to around 60-65%.
david1510 — 27/05/16
id strongly recommend dropping to ordinary level Ciara as failing junior cert maths is pretty bad and if you're in ordinary maths already good luck doing foundation level for the leaving cert
david1510 — 27/05/16
nah trollin you'll be fine jc is easy
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