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    Aiming for a grade based on ability? Master1415

    Greetings. I'm in 3rd year and I'm doing HL maths. I've always scraped by in maths, normally Cs or Ds. I always get all As in my other subjects though, and sometimes I can grasp the difficult questions. The dilemma is that I don't know what to aim for in maths, it frustrating knowing that I'm not capable of independently studying for maths. I can do questions when I have lots of time, but I won't have much time in the exam. Even if I learn how to do questions I'll need to write out the formulae, etc. this post is a bit lengthy but long story short: is HL maths fair? The course is long and teachers rush through it, you could just get weird numbers on the day, the questions in project maths are worded weirdly...

    If it's just me, then I guess I could do OL but honestly, I think it would be too easy. My school doesn't offer the varied HL classes (classes for B/C students, a different class for A students, etc,) so it's a sink or swim, all or nothing situation

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      If I were you just basically practise exam questions. In my experience the maths course isnt too long and its accessible if work is put into the subject. Maybe think about getting grinds or asking your teacher for help if you both have a free class. Also project maths is great for estimation even if you aren't sure what you are doing as they give more realistic questions like how many tiles are needed in a swimming pool. If you came across a similar question, you could guess your answer before you start. Sometimes the course can be rushed especially if you possibly did the pass book first and then did the honours book or if your class was slow at the beginning and now have to catch up, but do stick to it. It opens more doors in the future and even if you fail it at leaving cert you can still get points

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      Thanks, in class we seem to touch some topics and then never look at them again

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      i know i had a similar thing in my class, but i worked on my own to make sure i had the course covered before the pres and it was worth it as i got an A in both my mocks and the exam itself!!

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      My HL Maths is the same, we only touched on previous things when we got on to the HL Active Maths 2. Really, you'll want to focus on learning how questions can be phrased for topics as they can be unclear. Look at the previous papers and even get the likes of Less Stress More Success for Paper 1 and the one for Paper 2. These could help you fly through the course yourself. Maybe even ask a few of your friends if you want to get together to help each other out because everyone has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to Maths. Remember, an A in Ordinary Level doesn't look as good as a C in Higher Level.

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      Thanks, I think I'll get a Less Stress More Success book then, if I work through that surely that will count as some substantial studying

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      €10 per book is a lot cheaper than grinds!!!

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      What you call rushing in junior cert maths is nothing, in the leaving cert maths it is even faster, same goes with english. anyways, i really do agree with granners, but if you are really struggling in maths then you will have to get grinds. to build a concept, it is much better to do it interactively with a person, than to do it in a book, for maths.

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      one more thing i gotta say, maths is not about following the steps the teacher gave you to solve a certain type of question, it is about building a concept, knowing what are you doing and then doing it. for example, the teacher gives you a question, x - 3 = 9, she tells you "okay, you bring the 3 to the other side and you change its sign and you subtract it from the 9." well that is not all you have to do, you have to understand that why are you changing the sign after bringing it to the other side. The only advice i will give you is that for every single question in maths, BUILD A CONCEPT. Hope this helps :]

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      sorry i meant add it to the 9.... apologies

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      Thanks, the building of a concept seems to be what I need to work on

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