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    algebra linear equations frankieg

    I need help on this please!!!. A train leaves a station at 11.00am, heading north. another train,320km away, leaves at same time, heading south. the av speed of train heading north is 20km/hr faster than the train heading south, if the trains pass each other at 1.30pm, what was the av speed of the southbound train?

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      is this a past jc q?

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      So if the northbound train has an AV speed of X+20 and the southbound train has an average speed of X. At 1:30 between them they will have travelled 320 between them. So after 2 and a half hours north has travelled 2.5(X+20) and south has travelled 2.5X

      Adding them we get 5x+50=320, so X=54. 54+20=74km/hr

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