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    answers? lolaislola

    did anyone get 60 for the restraunt question and said said dessert for the last part ?

    and 250 for minimum tiles

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      ya i got 60 and i said dessert, but i honestly forget what i got for the tiles

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      sorry i got 247 and then 250 for the whatsapp question ( smallest total)

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      hope i do ok

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      Yeah I got 247 for the minimum tiles.

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      how did you get 247

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      a and b for the last one?

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      I got 30...!! Oops must of got that one wrong hahahah

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      kevin quinn

      it wasnt a big number like 250 cause the tiles were 20x20 cm so you then had to convert that to metres because the area of the pool was in metres

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      i got 30 for the tiles

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      oh right i get it guess its 47 anyway i dont where i got 200 from

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      Roberto Mane

      for the minimum tiles it was .2x.2=0.04

      You then divide this by 120 to get 3000tiles

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      400 cm is equal to 4metres not 0.04 metres.

      120 is not the inside of the pool , that is just 8 x 15 which is just the base. You have to also get the area of the sides

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      But 400cm squared is equal to 0.04 metres squared. The area would then be 2 ( 1.4 x 15 ) + 2( 1.4 x 8 ) + 120

      42+22.4+120 = 184.4

      tiles = 184.4 divided by 0.04 = 4610 .

      Im pretty sure I got that right = )

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      Roberto Mane

      I dont think they meant for you to count the walls of the pool,but if they did then you're correct and if they didn't then I'm right.Too bad we'll never know

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      I did the same as you @theo_romo9

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      Sure we'll be fine anyway : ) Good luck anyway

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