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    Any idea what not doing HL maths for JC rules me out of college-wise? r_mcgee_00

    Struggling with maths lately and since I don't really know what I want to do, I want to see what I miss out on by not doing it. Any sources of info or idea is helpful! Thanks!

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      Nothing really, you can get into most or all courses using ordinary but some colleges won't accept foundation

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      Try this tool. According to this, there are currently 93 courses you can't do without JC HL Maths.

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      Yes! So if I don't do HL Maths, I don't have any chance of not doing my courses. Thank you so much for that ec2406.

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      @SryanBruen No bother :)

      The minimum subject requirements tool on (that link) actually helped me a lot for choosing my LC subjects before Easter and has given me some ideas about careers now; so if you still have to cross that bridge I'd highly recommend it.

      Any courses in mind? :)

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      Well my obsessions are (I currently work for myself, including on this LOL):

      - Music (writing songs, composing music)

      - Poetry (writing poems)

      - Teaching (Irish, French, Geography, Music)

      - Meteorology (predicting weather - I've known to be "a God" of predicting weather as people say (I'm not being egoistic here if that's what you're thinking, it's the truth haha)

      My problem is that I haven't a clue which to pick.

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      It's always good to have a broad range, which you clearly have so you're on the right path in terms of keeping yourself open.

      And don't worry about not knowing what to do, I'm the same as you haha. I've an interest in Maths, Music, Physics and Chemistry (and maybe Irish, depending if I keep being a cinnire at the Gaeltact :P). So I'm in the same boat as you in terms of having broad ranges, I wouldn't worry too much just yet. Just make sure whatever you keep is something you enjoy :D

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      ec2406 thanks for that link, really helpful and put me at ease, not to say I won't still work at it but that definitely helped, thanks!

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      Meteorology requires a degree in physics, so I'm afraid with no honours maths you can forget that one.

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