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    Anybody else think that the HL paper was way too easy? No_Name_Nick

    I've never done too well in tests in HL maths, but this exam was different. I only left one blank, and I'm fairly confident in my answers.

    This makes me think that because they made Paper 1 so easy, paper two is going to be a nightmare with trick questions.

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      Ya paper 1 was easy. I got the bones of it done in an hour and then it took me like an hour to do 3b, because it wasn't a typical financial question and it required a bit of algebra

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      omg i thought it was sooo easy. I'm terrified for paper 2. I keep going over things I've done

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      it was simple. had so much time left i was counting the bricks in our took approx 5,000 bricks to build the pe hall ;P

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      @Rburke96 I had the same feeling. In my case I was counting the amount of lockers in my locker-room (I did my exam there)!

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