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    B.I.R.D.M.A.S KevinOwens

    Cant find any questions on this topic, any ideas?

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      I have never heard of B.I.R.D.M.A.S. and I'm higher level? I think you mistake it as B.I.D.M.A.S - in this case? Though I always use, B.O.M.D.A.S.

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      its B.I.M.DAS you use lettter by letter

      in the sum as you go

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      BIRDMAS is the same thing as BIMDAS/BIDMAS/BEMDAS/BEDMAS/BOMDAS etc.

      The I. and R. stand for Integers and Roots respectively and have the same meaning as the I (indices), E (exponents) etc

      Anyway, the topic is order of operations. It's one of the basic building blocks for all of the number and algebra at JC (and beyond), but there aren't questions purely on it in the exam. It's just a part of pretty much every question you do. To get practice with it, have a look in your textbook.

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