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    bad at maths doing HL Redpenguin

    hi guys I really need ur help I'm really bad at maths and I am doing/want to do HL maths plz help/ any tips on getting bettr at it. I wanna get an A or B.

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      JC maths isn't that bad

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      just practise exam papers over and over again

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      Bro get Less Stress More Success JC Maths HL Paper 1 and Paper 2 (2 separate books) - they help me out a lot!

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      I'm like really terebble at maths so u sure they gonna work 4 me? @sryanBruen

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      Yeah! What do you need help with in particular, I may be able to help you. I got 76% in my Summer exam in Maths HL - to show I'm good at Maths.

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      I hope I can get that much. I think I need help with geometry- both co ordinate and the other mostly [other wise everything][sorry being really negative] @SryanBruen

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      There is no need to be negative at all - like according to my Irish teacher, he says I'm very bad at grammar but I believe myself, I am good - just not being taught correctly! - Thanks to the syllabus. Co-ordinate geometry - yes I once found that very difficult and once I did grinds as well as the chapter Functions (which is super easy), I knew it very well. To find the distance between two points, you simply use the distance formula in your tables book that you will be given in your actual JC. For example of a question,

      A (3, 5), B (8, 2)

      Find |AB|

      You simply label your figures. For example, 3 = x1, 5 = y1. 8 = x2, 2 = y2 - place your labels on top of the correct number in the brackets. Then you simply fill those figures into the formula and type it into your calculator. Boom! the question is done. Meanwhile, the midpoint of a line is the exact same except you use a different formula! which is also in your tables book. There are two ways to find a slope of a line! One is where you use the slope of a line formula which is in your tables book - non-diagram questions. Whilst you use, the formula (rise / (divide) run) when talking about diagram questions. The run is where the base RUNS along and the rise is where the adjacent (make sure you know what side of the triangle this is) RISES. If lines are parallel to each other, they have the same slope. If lines are perpendicular to each other, the product of their slope is -1. This means m1 (m = slope) X m2 = -1. If the line is rising, the slope is positive, if it is falling, it is negative - pretty straightforward.

      When I get my Maths book to get to know the sections - I will help you with the rest of coordinate geometry. Btw, did my explanation here help you in any way?

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      Here is a sample exam of such questions for you. I'd advise you to practice these and ONLY the distance / length, midpoint and slope of a line questions. Skip the rest!

      attachment Exam.pdf

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