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    Co ordinate geometry help Sodabread15

    I got 57% in the class exam and I spent no time looking at it. I suppose that's OK but I tried learning it after I just can't I keep getting caught up on the way the questions are asked. :I Help please I need to get it right in the JC

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      Ask your teacher

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      What type of questions did you struggle with

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      I studied for about 4 hours a day before the test and I got 45% in it.The way the questions were phrased really confused me and if they were phrased differently I'd say I would've done much better. Maths is already hard enough as it is without questions being phrased in a way that is hard to understand

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      Try and read,one sentence evaluate it. read the next evaluate. And so on

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      Ok I'll do that thanks for your help

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      Roberto Mane

      Co-ordinate geometry is just usually working with the formulas on the line.

      These formulas don't need to be learned off as they can found in your log tables which are provided in State exams.

      It's not something to worry about

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