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    Coordinate Geometry of the line Nm2016

    higher level, 2015 Paper 2, question 6 asks where L cuts the axis? the marking scheme does not explain how they got it, it just gives the answer.

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      Whenever it asks for where does the line cross the axis- let x=0 (to find where it cuts the y axis) and let y=0 (to find where it cuts the x axis)

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      thanks a mil I remember now!!

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      So l cuts the x axis at (2.5,0) because when you leave y=0 it becomes (5+0-2x)=0 and then you just solve the linear equation..

      Again, it would cross the y axis at (0,-5) because when you leave x=0 it becomes 5+y-2(0)=0 and then again solve... hope this helps!

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      perfect, flying now thank you!

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      your welcome

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