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    deciding whether to do ordinary or higher level. aislingb

    whats the general rule of thumb in deciding whether to do higher or ordinary. im confused!

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      i do ordinary and its easy

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      I started off in higher level all through 2nd year and found it really difficult and my average test score was about 45-55% it was my lowest scoring subject. Then about 1 month into third year this year things got really hard so I decided to drop down to ordinary level and to be honest it's the best decision I could've made, the work is much easier and all better explained and now my score has gone up to an average of 80-90%. My advice to you is to average your test scores and if it's above around 75% then I would say go for it as higher level is rewarding. But it is up to you and what you think is better for you in the long run.

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      I did honours Maths for the JC and I was failing all year round but I managed to get a C. But do whatever is best for you.

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      Shannonc101 I never got 75% or over in Maths except on 3 tests and got a C in the JC. I did HL btw.

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      I do higher level and i get 90 percent all day long

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