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    Desperate for help please? :) / :( Cathy20155

    If anyone could help me on how to do active maths 2 q13 iv) pg 445 please 😖😖 I'll be so grateful

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      OK. This is finding the range of values of k for which f(x) = k has 2 solutions.

      So you've drawn the graph. It looks like a frown i.e. it has a max point.

      Draw a line parallel to the x-axis at the highest point possible, while still "cutting" the graph 2 times. This line will be y = 2 or y = 3 or whatever. Whatever that number is, is one end of your range.

      Do the same at the lowest point possible, and again it will be y = [a value] . This is the other end of the range.

      So, for example if y= 4 was one of these lines, and y = -3 was the other, then your range of values for k would be -3 to 4, or you can write it as -3 < k < 4

      Hope that helps :-)

      Eamonn -

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      Thanks :)

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