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Do You Hate Maths? Are you not that well?
Lina Kassouri Junior Cert Mathematics — 27/10/16 0

Hello Guys!, i am a maths teacher! Here Im as a student..Ooh!! :) Now i know you might say, oh i hate maths!, its so confusing, its boring or im not good at it there for i hate it! Well, you do know that maths is so important, when your shopping, at work, counting money! :D Anything!, numbers are needed as well as alphabets for your language. If you say that you hate maths, it will make your life struggle in things, such as the ones listed above, so change that phrase, ''i hate maths'' into ''i love maths'' and then act as if you like maths, keep doing that! Be positive about it! Maths is basic, if you know the rules, all you have to do is know the method, if you know the method, you know maths! and your guaranteed to get the right answer, maths is a logical thing if i ask you 1+13= (if you say 12 it will not make sense! you have to think logically, lets say i had a thirteen cupcakes, then you gave me a cupcake, how much will i have, not 12 because you added, you gave me a cupcake you didn't take a cupcake away there for i have 14 now) Maths is, know the rule, use the correct method, and there is the right answer! If you want to improve with maths, click this HELPFUL link! = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBuMwlP7kHkNxdPAqtFSJTw This is for first years and up! Even for leaving cert! o-o Say this with me......''I LOVE MATHS'' Maths will never come to you, there for you have to go to ''him'' Mrs. Leena O'Kelly Kassouri :)

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