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    Formulas you need to learn off by heart SryanBruen

    What formulas other than sine, cosine and tangent must you learn off by heart that are not in the tables book in your exam?

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      you dont actually need to learn them off since they are in the log book aswell. if i can remember at junior cert all relevant formulas are in the log book

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      Wait what.... my teacher told us we had to learn them off by heart

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      You do have to learn off sine, cosine and tangent granners. Like for example, tangent is the opposite divided by the adjacent.

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      Tan cos and sin are on pg16 of the formulae and tables

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      Yeah I know them are but it doesn't know, how do you work out tan, cos and sin such as what sides or angles (adjacent, opposite or hypotenuse)

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      Its on page 16 of the log book, but it isn't written as you would learn it off

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      Just remember SOH CAH TOA - sin:opposite over hypotenuse , cos:adjusent over hypotenuse and tan: opposite over adjusent..... Hope that helps, that's how I remember it, it's kinda catchy :))

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      Thanks Anna34xo

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      Silly Old Harry , Caught A Herring , Trawling Off America

      sin=opp/hyp cos=adj/hyp Tan=opp/adj

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      I think the only one is the volume and surface area of a hemisphere as well as the flat surface area of 3D shapes

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      oh hell another hour of algebra

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      I was told we don't have to learn them off by heart because the formula sheet is given to you when you take the exam

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      Online there is still some you have to learn like JackW gave some examples ^

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