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Functions and everythin else
jokejike Junior Cert Mathematics — 21/05/16 5

I am ok at hl maths but I am just stupis when it comes to fuctions anyone any help?????

Alex F — 16/05/16
What part at functions are you finding the hardest? Graphing Functions or gathering results from a graph
MLGPRO — 16/05/16
Well, if you don't draw your graph right your results won't be correct
PRMK — 16/05/16
My maths grinds teacher gave me this. She is putting on revision courses for the next few weekends - she is brilliant and helped me so much. I'll be going so thought I'd share this...
Patrickmaye — 18/05/16
Here's a video I made on JCHL function exam questions, hope it helps. https://youtu.be/93YzAVEbDW8
carolinaaplasencia — 21/05/16
omg this will help so much
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