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help? maths test simulataneous and linear equations..
Darcey_4722 Junior Cert Mathematics — 23/05/17 4

our maths teacher rushed this anyone no any good websites for them?

Niamhmcdxoxo — 25/05/16
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lwto-lQzmec This is a good video, Good luck on your test!
Feery — 27/05/16
This may seem like weird advice, but search through youtube videos until you find one that you understand! :) I made myself a little playlist with a few videos to help with my revision and they really help to remind you the little rules in the equations :D (Good luck)
dgannon12345678 — 21/05/17
@feery. That is the worst plan I've ever heard.
Jackmckenna — 23/05/17
hey im like unreal at mats so if u want help ad me on snapchat
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