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    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! shadan

    for paper 1 in JC maths Q 14 i found the equation of the line they gave you which was

    -x-y+2 =0.

    i then multiplied it by -1 for part (b) and found points for x and y but my point were different to those everyone was saying.... what did i do wrong??

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      Hi what year is it

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      one of the lines are supposed to be parallel to the line given if you have something similar im sure youll get some marks

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      what points did u get

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      for part b i was left with exactly the same line they gave you

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      It was a transformation f(x) + 2 means it shifts up 2 units on the y axis so I just plotted points two up from the ones already there

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      Yeah same Cathy

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