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    Help needed Abz765

    I have my summer exam for maths tomorrow i am in first year any tips

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      Omega Zero

      Ah this, Don't worry.. Do ordinary level past questions cause that's what will come up on the "test".

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      Ye i did try that but i am in an all irish school so it is harder to get questions in Irish without having to pay and i ak doing higher level

      Thanks for the tip though 😀

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      you can get them on in irish

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      Ye i tried that but it wont let me on to c anything can u send me the link thans

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      Omega Zero

      It should be the same question except in Irish.Go on and pick whichever year new maths syllabus is from 2011 and pick "(IV) = Irish Version". They'll be the same questions. The reason why I personally think it'll be ordinary level questions is that the higher level questions would be just a bit too hard for first years, When I was in first year we got ordinary level questions even though we all did higher level,but I could be wrong.

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      Ye i was trying there but nothing is happening it is like freezing on me

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