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    HL Paper 1 answers? jimmyfookinkane

    Does anyone have a full list of correct answers? I wanna see how well I did.

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      I'd actually be interested in this as well.

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      I think I'd prefer not to know

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      got everything right except like the last question,delighted!

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      Were you going off the answers in that downloadable booklet? I noticed a few wrong answers in there, I'll update with the question numbers and the actual solutions.

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      The pattern part on question 11 is wrong in that pdf. For part C i, the pattern is quadratic and the second difference is 4, i.e. the pattern doesn't go up in 28 each time. If you spend time to work out the equation to get T4, the answer is 180.

      Moving further down that question, from what I can tell the two equations are correct but there's a mistake with the simultaneous equations. If you work it out, B is equal to 2 and C is equal to 1. Their solution works for the first pattern, but doesnt for the second, giving 14 when 13 is the answer.

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      Last one I could find was question 2b. The person made a mistake at the start. In order to get the correct answer, you multiply 200000 times 115% (Divide by 100 and multiply times 115 if you're oldschool or you're calculator cant do 200000 times 115%). This gives you 230000, multiply this number by 110% and you get 253000. 253000 - 200000 = 53000, put this over 200000 and multiply by 100, you get 26.5% increase in value.

      Hope I helped :)

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      Correct me if I'm wrong, but their inequality question part (b) seems to be wrong as well, because in their answer, 1 1/8, etc are still possible answers for x.

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      Yes, actually you are right. Any decimal between 0.75 to 1.25 is correct because tge signs are bigger than or equal to and less than or equal to. The right answer for that can be anything as long as BOTH boxes have the same number in them. Hell, if you wanted you could have put pi in both boxes and it would have been correct. Well spotted!

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      They said, that there would be some wrong answers, because they wrote it in a short time.

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      is that an inequality though if both numbers are the same?

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      I put pi in both boxes

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      yeah i noticed the few wrong answers and had a maths teacher say the right ones, for the inequality i said 1 for both boxes :/

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