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how to improve in maths for the junior cert
Gatehouse Junior Cert Mathematics — 24/05/16 8

help please im so close to my exam i failed the mock only by one percent i want a C in the jc but im worried i wont get it i think my problem is i cant recognise what to do for a question any help please

Alex F — 23/05/16
Some questions in the exam will be just giving the problem whereas some questions will look extremely difficult with long wording and/or a detailed diagram. Certain questions you can find what it is. If there is a right angles triangle you will probably need Pythagoras Theorem. If it's on a grid it's probably a function. I would say this what you need to do in question 1. Read the question fully, then reread and underline the key information. This will help you identify what steps you need to take to solve the problem and what tools you have to do this. 2.Draw diagrams or redraw parts of a given diagram to help with problem solving. Sometimes being able to visualise the problem can help you see what the next step to take is. 3.Watch out for units. Pay attention to the units you are given in a particular question and also what unit you need to use when giving your answer. This can be particularly important for questions involving distance, speed, time, area, volume, etc. 4.Always re-read the question before moving on to the next. This is important for many reasons. The first thing you want to check is have you actually answered the question. Sometime we can get caught up in finding a solution that we forget the finer detail of the actual question. The second thing you need to check is if you are asked to round to a decimal place or a significant figure. The third is to double check tip 5. 5.Become familiar with the mathematical language needed to explain answers. Some questions will ask you to give a written answer or explanation. This can be challenging for students. Using the correct mathematical vocabulary can help you do this.
joecole — 23/05/16
Practise past exam papers as this will help you recognise questions and understand the style of questions. Whatever you do, do not panic during the exam. If you are struggling with a question, there is a good chance that many other people will be as well. Try to keep calm and give it a try- you will get marks for attempting.
Gatehouse — 23/05/16
if i got 39 in mock and with how im struggling is it possible to get a C
Alex F — 24/05/16
Yes, it has been months since the Mocks. You would have covered more topics that you couldn't have done beforehand. If you practice 30-45 minutes between now and the Junior Cert then it is fully possible to get a C
riiiyv — 24/05/16
im in a similar situation, got 40 in my mocks, hoping to get a C as well, I cant give much help, besides practising questions from the past papers but good luck :P
Eamon T — 24/05/16
carolinaaplasencia — 24/05/16
I got 58 in my mocks and I practice exam questions everyday but I dont think my knowledge of the subject has increased at all.
carolinaaplasencia — 24/05/16
I got 58 in my mocks and I practice exam questions everyday but I dont think my knowledge of the subject has increased at all. I still cant do all the questions I was unable to do in the mocks. HELP??!!!
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