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    How to study for algebra ? Stargirl

    How to study for algebra ?

    The equations, the problems leading to factorising equations and other parts of algebra ?

    Should I worry if I got a C in maths, would it mean Im bad?

    What would it mean if I got C in maths, like what kind of student am I in maths to get a C in maths ?

    How should I study for Algebra ?

    Is Algebra on the JC Exam ?

    What kind of algebra questions would be on the exam ?

    If you have any examples, please send me a copy.

    Is algebra the hardest part of the jc exam in maths ?

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      Algebra is on the exam. It comes up alot on paper one. Keep doing over exam question for it. Keep practising. If you send me your email ill send you on notes I have for algebra.

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      drop to ordinary level

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      Theo Kinsella

      It's mostly guesswork anyways

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