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I just don't understand??
vinbrowne15 Junior Cert Mathematics — 12/05/16 9

The reason I find higher level maths so hard is because the words they use are very hard to understand, i'm able to speak perfect English, I just cant get the hang of the words used in maths. Does anyone have any notes on these type of words used in maths, eg,(Translation)??

Sarah2014 — 10/05/16
no sorry but my advice is to look over the exam papers and ask questions to your maths teacher
clark13 — 10/05/16
I'd say to keep doing papers to see what comes up frequently, then ask your teacher what those words mean
JackW — 10/05/16
Most of the time there are trigger words in a question such as solve,explain,show,find and calculate. If you know what is asked of you whe. These words are mentioned you should be ok
fionnanros — 10/05/16
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fionnanros — 10/05/16
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— 11/05/16
translation and all of them words are in the geometry chapter of our books
revelies — 12/05/16
all im sure of is that 'find the sum' means that you add. 'solve' means multiply.
JackW — 12/05/16
No Solve means find the value of the variable
SryanBruen — 12/05/16
Hence = using your answer from the previous question you answered. Evaluate = find the value of.... Construct = Using instruments such as ruler or protractor. Round = Rounding means converting a real number into an integer (whole number). 1.302 rounded to a full number is 1. Graph = Construct your lines or coordinates etc onto a graph. Prove = Proof with reason on the Geometry Theorem. Verify = Show the statement is true. ^ Some vocabulary I found through the papers for you.
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