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Is it possible to Fail Maths in the Junior Cert
Ian_Downey Junior Cert Mathematics — 04/05/16 9

So I'm sure lot's of us have asked "Sir/Miss, is it easy to pass Maths in the Junior Cert?" which is a really good question - but looking at it differently is just as valid. If you can probably tell I have serious doubts about the answer being a concrete 'yes'. Now I love Maths but I'm dismal at it to say the least. I got 36% in my mocks and I'm far from pleased. The papers sound so easy with all these 'attempt marks' and use of the log table, but I'm getting seriously more doubtful as the days go by. Will marks be given easier on the day? Will Log Tables help me as much as people say they do? Is failing Maths a possibility for someone like me? I'll be so grateful to anybody who can help me out, I'm really lost at the minute. Thanks.

bridgetown1 — 03/05/16
yes you can fail. attempt marks are only awarded if it is a valid attempt. the tables only help if you understand the question and know what you have to do. there is no link between the mocks and the real thing, absolutely none.
Ian_Downey — 03/05/16
Ok, thanks for letting me know.
evelyndajlani — 03/05/16
yes you can
evelyndajlani — 03/05/16
The mocks are also ten times harder than the real exams so as long as you practice for an hour every day you ll do great
Ian_Downey — 03/05/16
Thank you for the support, Evelyn. It's been bugging me for a while so that's the kind of motivation I needed :)
ec2406 — 03/05/16
Yes you can fail. But I think if you could get 36% around 2-3 months ago, you can surely bump that grade up to at least a pass. My advice would be to practice answering questions as much as possible; even repeat old questions that you've already done on a blank paper. Practicing exam questions is really the only good method of studying maths. Best of luck in June, I'm sure you can pass :)
Ian_Downey — 04/05/16
Thanks for the advice :)
bridgetown1 — 04/05/16
Evelyndajlani: There is NO LINK between the mocks (provided mainly by two companies, Examcraft and DEB, but remember some schools set their own) and the actual junior cert. So whether a student finds one easier or harder than the other is down to pure luck and the amount of study done.
StudyIsMyLief — 04/05/16
yes , oink woof
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