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    JC 2016 Maths - Honours or Pass? Benmal

    Is honours worth all the effort? Im currently in an honours class and Im finding it really really intense.

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      my advice wouldnt be too much help as i find honours rather easy, but i advise to stick with it especially with the new LC points system, even if you fail and get between 30-39%, youll get 45 CAO points which is the same if you get a B in pass

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      im doing honour level maths and im in 2nd year. i find it really hard. i told my teacher and she says that i should stay at honour level. if you were put in honour level maths you must be good so as @granners said i would stay becaus of the lc points too

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      Keep doing honours maths up to the mocks, if you pass and feel as if you can improve then keep at it! Practice makes perfect.

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