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    Junior Cert Maths ryan.wynne.9469

    How did everyone find the maths exam yesterday???

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      study person

      Didnt get currency question...hopefully got attempt marks at least!! the rest was ok I think, what about you??

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      there was no currency question...

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      Frans there are different levels

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      i thought it was okay, was suprised at some algebra questions (in a good way)....our mock exam was impossible. I didnt get the last question fully done properly....

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      I was really surprised at how easy the hl paper was

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      what happens if you forgot to wirte your calculator on the paper?

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      It was grand altogether I'm pretty sure I got full marks, the only tough one was 3b, but I eventually got the answet

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      the test was today

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      maryanne1 ur test is not valid and u get 0

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      lol i thought it was impossible... like some of it, but i'm pretty sure that the questions i got right weren't worth as much as the ones i got wrong😬

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      It went well.I got stuck on some questions,but figured most of them out:]It wasn't as hard as i thought it would be

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      yeah it was kinda easy i got everything but question 4b and c. i got stuck on some bits but i eventually figured them out.

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