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    mid-intervals Sarah2014

    im doing the 2015 paper 2 q 9 can someone explain how I get the mid-interval (estimate the mean number)? thanks

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      wheres sryanbruen when u need him

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      I know haha :):) wheres he gone !!

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      Mid intervals is where you find halfway between the two numbers that bound the data values.i.e. With 0 & 30 the mid interval is (0+30)/2=15. You then just assume that everyone who got between 0 & 30 got 15 to find the mean

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      Mid-interval Answer: (1)(15)+(2)(40)+(10)(60)+(7)(85)+(5)(130) and then u divide this by (1+2+10+7+5).. and u should get 77.6 as ur answer!

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      all u do for this question is that u find the halfway between the two number and multiply the number u found by the number of students.

      Example: step1:(0-30)

      step2:(to find halfway add two numbers and divide by 2). (u get 15)

      step3:(multiply 15 by number of students which is 1 in this case)

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      thanks guys

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