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PLEASE HELP Paper 2 hl maths
conorbrennan Junior Cert Mathematics — 11/06/16 11

I need advice on what to focus on studying for paper 2 maths higher level I focused too much studying paper one now im in serious trouble PLEASE !!!!!!

conorbrennan — 11/06/16
Leaving cert 2016 — 11/06/16
theorem 11 came up last year and so did the prove tan(A+B) for the trig proofs so you could take them off your list to study
Bloniez — 11/06/16
The topics that might come up on paper two are: Area and Volume 1 Area and Volume 2 Co-ordinate Geometry and the Line 1 Co-Ordinate Geometry and the Line 2 Geometry 1 Geometry 2 Probability Statistics Trigonometry 1 Trigonometry 2 Formal Proofs
conorbrennan — 11/06/16
fair enough,legend thanks anyone know what construction is looking like its gonna come up
Gift_3466 — 11/06/16
So far they've usually only asked you to bisect an angle or construct a right angle triangle, there are different methods to construct a right angle triangle based on the information they give you, so you should revise over that. Though I can't be sure that the other constructions won't come up
alexob97 — 11/06/16
Induction again id say bud
conorbrennan — 11/06/16
whats induction hahaha
Beachy123 — 11/06/16
What is induction?
carolinaaplasencia — 11/06/16
induction is higher level leaving cert
carolinaaplasencia — 11/06/16
area and volume 1 and 2 , geometry 1 and 2 trigonometry 1 and 2 blah blah blah
laaaaaurennn — 11/06/16
Anyone know what theorem's due to come up??
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