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    predictions for theorem-P2 studybuddy15

    any predictions for what theorem will come up in P2 or which ones are most likely to come up that I should learn off. Thanks

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      the hypotnuese theorem I think will come up or the parallelogram theorem

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      I don't think Pythagoras will come up because there was a huge question on it on p1

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      it was in our mocks though and they're what the companies think is coming up, right?

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      therom 19 is very unlikely to come up as it came up in 2012 and 2014

      therom 14 seems to be a favorite but 4,6 and 9 are easy to understand and learn so i would try and look over those if possible it shouldn't take more than half an hour.

      good luck tomorrow

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      How many theorems are there? We were told we only had to learn 5

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      @ Hiphop there are only 5 theorems that we need to learn: theorem 4, 6, 9, 14,19

      Thanks everyone for your help

      Good luck to you all tomorrow!

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      Thanks✌🏻good luck to you too ☺️😳

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