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    Problem solving Aniboh

    A ball is dropped 128 metres from the roof of a building. Suppose that

    with each bounce, the ball goes up exactly half its previous height. A man

    is sitting at his desk on the second floor. How many times will he see the

    ball if his eye level is 15 metres above the ground?

    Can anyone help?

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      6 times

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      Wrong its 4 times 😅

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      The sequence of heights of the ball dropped from the roof of the building is: 128m, 64m, 32m,16m, 8m, 4m, 2m, 1m, 1/2m, 0,25m, 0.125m, 0.00625m.......

      Therefore a man sitting on the second floor with his eye level 15m above the ground will see the ball 4 times.

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      No its actually 8 times because he will de the ball going up and down

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      Thank you guys for the help

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