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Problem Solving task
Aniboh Junior Cert Mathematics — 23/10/16 3

Edith had nine children at regular intervals of 15 months. If the oldest is now six times as old as the youngest, how old is the youngest child?

fionna — 20/10/16
almost two ??/
Aniboh — 20/10/16
@fionna how'd you get that, can you support your answer please?
roro123 — 23/10/16
the youngest child is 15 months. When the youngest child is just born, the oldest child is 75 months (5 times 15 as the youngest is 0 months). If you add 15 onto 0 and 15 onto 75, you get 15 months and 90 months. 15 times 6 is 90.
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