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Q9 part c give a number for x where route x is not the same
Name Junior Cert Mathematics — 12/06/16 7

I said that if X was 1½ and that √1½² was equal to ½. Put this into your calculator and it says ½/ My dad said this is wrong but it works on the calculator. Will I get the marks?

Study2000 — 11/06/16
Study2000 — 11/06/16
I did not know how to do that question either so i just wrote 3 pi. You might get attempt marks
thomasbarryy — 11/06/16
I said X = -5.5 so Square root of X(X) is +5.5
Rian O C
Rian O C — 11/06/16
Was it not any minus number for example if you put -4 into your calculator with the squared and square rooted it becomes 4 which is not the same to X (-4)
rwright — 11/06/16
I said -1
EH458 — 12/06/16
As the stupid person I am I left it blank, and apparently the answers I originally put down for the rest of question 9 where you had to give stuff in the form 3 to the power of K were right, but I scribbled those ones out in panic and instead wrote a load of waffle that made even less sense :////
Doireann1476 — 12/06/16
any minus number is right
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