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Square Question Paper 1
goojdk Junior Cert Mathematics — 12/06/16 7

What did you guys get for Square Question Paper 1???? (area of square)

coreycullen184 — 12/06/16
51 or 52 i cant remember��Did you know how to work it out or would you like me to go through it with you?
carolinaaplasencia — 12/06/16
Study2000 — 12/06/16
How did u get 52?
Qwertys — 12/06/16
loads of people in my year got 64a squared
EH458 — 12/06/16
I got 52a squared, I got the height of the triangle by reversing the area of a triangle thing (1/2 b x perpendicular height), and I got it to be something like 4. Then I used pythagoras theorem to find the hypotenuse which worked out as 7.2 and got the area of the triangle by l x w (all sides of a square are equal so its just 7.2 x 7.2 which is equal to 51.84, and I'm nearly sure you'd be expected to round it off to 52. And you would have to give it like 52a squared because thats what the question asked
goojdk — 12/06/16
Yes! I mulitplied someting√13 by itself and got 52a squared! Thanks
EH458 — 12/06/16
It was very like the diagram of the proof of pythagoras theorem, I really wasn't expecting something with area or pythagoras theorem to come up on Paper 1 but I suppose I got through it :)
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