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    That was easy!!!! hamzamughees

    That maths paper two was easy.... There was no theorem well there was a part of the theorem 9... but that was nothing. It was all very easy fo me... hiw did you guys find it.

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      David Connolly 123

      Found the equation of the line and the trigonometry question with the water tower hard.

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      What exactly did you have to do for that water tower question? I ended up measuring the photograph and used a scale to get a final answer of 484 meters squared. Last question was also a bitch. Couldn't get it forthe life of me. All the others were fine, though.

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      I also found it easy aswell

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      water tower thingy was hard but apart from that it was easy peasy!!

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      Yeah for the water tower question I used a scale of 1:2

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      wrong ........dude

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      I divided Aidens estimation of the height by either 2.2 or 2.1, cab't remember which, as that was what was on my ruler. The answer I got was multiplied by the radius measurement I got to get the actual radius and worked from there to get 484m squared.

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      @Atom I did something similar, I think. I used a ruler to measure how much 4.5 m = on the photo. I then used the same scale to find the radius.

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      But how did you get 484m square??? Didn't the question ask for the volume :/

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      The answer to the last one was 81 multiplied by the cubed root of 81 all over 162. Took me a full hour to do

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      @Hiphop My bad! After a few hours of exams I'm not thinking straight :P I meant cubed.

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      @damilola.adeniji.50 I got 2 multiplied by the cubed root of 2 all over 3

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      Sorry I said it the other way around! 3 multiplied by the cubed root of 3 all over 2

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      I didnt think it was ahah i prefered paper 1

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      I probably did it wrong 😓😓

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      How did people find CSPE? :D

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      Graaaand for both^ I was delighted leaving school today,..... Till i thought about business tomorrow :(

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      Hahaha Business sucks!!!!!!

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      did anyone get 250 for minimum tiles

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      I got 2 hundred and something and I cant remember.

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      oh i sorry i meant 247 and 250 that whatsapp question

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      I got 3,000 for tiles ?

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      i got 30

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      I got 317 for tiles?

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      yeah same^

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      as in 3,000 tiles

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      I got 247

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      for the minimum tiles

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      Did anyone else do tiles for the walls aswell? Cause it said the INSIDE of the pool...

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      I multiplied 100 by a 100 and then by whatever the area was and divided it by the area of tiles?

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      oh that was smart Ton55 I think that's probably what you were supposed to do

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      i included the walls too? we weren't supposed to do that?

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      I think you were supposed to include the walls. what I did was I multiplied the area of one tile by the area of the base, and then I multiplied the answer of that buy the shallowness of the pool.

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      yeah Id say you were meant to include the walls as well

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      It said the entire inside of the pool. I got 37 in total. I got 36.9 but the minimum is 37. 20 times 20 is 400 cm squared, which in turn is 4 m squared. I divided the walls and floor and got 37. I think I might be wrong though :/

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      i think it was 47. It said entire inside pool. So i first removed 0.1 from the top then got the area of all the sides multiplied 2 of the sides by two except the biggest one cause there was no top then I divided by 4m and i got 46.1 or something like that so minimum 47.....the first part of the question was easy though lmao i was looking at it for proper 10mins trying to figure out what was wrong till i noticed the cm lmao

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      Yeah it's 47. I must have made a mistake when I did mine... oh well atleast I'll get attempt marks!

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      I think the answer was 461 because 400 cm squared isn't 4m squared, it's 0.04m squared.

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      I did the same as you @Sstudent!!! But I'm so stupid that I said '46' was the minimum 😌 oh well!

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      0.04m squared is 4 cm squared. 20 times 20 =\= 4.

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      the answer is 47

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      the equation of the line was a bit weird aswell

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      I found paper 2 easier because I was more prepared and the first 2 questions were so easy!

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      If you draw out a square that is 1 meters squared, it will be 100 cm in length and 100 cm in width. What's the area of the square? 100 x 100 = 10,000 cm squared

      10,000 cm squared = 1m squared

      400 cm squared = 0.04m squared

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      what percentage do you guys predict that you will get, I think I will get at least 96%

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      A high 90%. I got both papers done in under 2 and a half hours. Does anyone else agree the level for honours has dropped?

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      for maths, I totally agree.

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      Roberto Mane

      You guys are making the tile question far harder than it has to be

      20cmx20cm=.2x.2=0.04m square for the area of each tile.120m square was the area of the base therefore 120 divided by 0.04=3000tiles.Ive seen answers in the 2nd digit range,this is ridiculous.

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      Also roberto mane, I think many people forgot the sides as they had to calculate the whole pool

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      The answers4160 as its 184 /0.04

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      As its the whole inside of the pool

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      Roberto Mane

      What did you guys get for the water tank question,for the radius I got 5.52m or something.

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      Roberto Mane

      Timone,if you did have to calculate the amount of tiles around the walls aswell then the answer would be 4610,not 4160

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      It was way too easy. I know we should be happy about that but in my opinion the standard of maths is shocking. The so called ' toughest question ' was just a simple sin/cos/tan question. Anyone else finish over an hour early for both papers ?

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      For the radius, I got 5.5. Because when I measured it, it was something like, 2.25, so using the scale, 1:2 or 2:1, which ever one, I doubled it and got, 5.5.

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      Roberto Mane

      I finished at approximately 10:30,from then it was checking over the paper

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      Roberto Mane

      For the line question what lines did you say coincided with the diagram on the co-ordinate scales.

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      I finished the paper at 11:00, and I left the exam hall at 11:15.

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      Roberto Mane

      should've looked over the paper,there was probably a few refinements you could've made

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      yeah, I spent the next 15 minutes looking at the paper.

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      ya roberto mane honestly the standard is shocking, loads of people left half an hour into the exam due to sheer fustration and i just saw the exam as being too easy. they had that problem this year with the leaving so the pass was stepped up a bit and honours was dumbed down i heard

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      Roberto I got 184/.04 so propably got 4610 just mixed numbers up but some got 3000 how did they get that as I was thinking I got it wrong when I came out of the exam and heard that

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      timone I got the same as you. The people who got 3000 didn't add in the walls and just divided 8 x 15 ( 120 ) by 0.04 to get 3000

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      Anyone get 21m^3 for the water tower?

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      Everyone saying that maths was really but I didn't find that easy at all. I suppose it depends on what type of person you are. But it really annoys me when people say "oh that test was sooo easy" like I'm glad you found it easy but some people didnt so have some respect for people who find subjects like maths hard

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      preach! ^ I get where your coming from, from experience I know it really gets people down, affecting your self esteem... sometime ppl can be extremely full of themselves. But what can you do, Life is unfair! Cheer up @ornamc13, im sure u did fine just enjoy your summer!! x

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      It was pretty fine tbh... I really hope I passed it anyway because otherwise I will like literally cry...

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      If I don't get an A, I will slap myself across the face.

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      God, I wish I arrived here sooner. If anyone wants to ask an unanswered question, type it in below, so it doesn't get confusing for us.

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      @hamzamughees even if you don't get an A, don't slap yourself. The Junior Cert doesn't decide your life. The Leaving Cert is more vital.

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      Guys I think that the actual junior cert, including the Science exam was changed up a lot. I was made way more harder for us, like we bust our heads studying for our junior cert for 3 years, and at the end, when only a few days are left in the exam, the exam commission decides to change the papers up and make them even harder, the layout totally changed. I am feeling really angry about this, the maths paper was made harder, but It was easy for me so I wont really say anything about that, the english paper was totally changed up, like we learn that in the unseen poetry, we sea a poem that we have never seen before, and in the exam, we sea two poems. the science was made way harder than usual. I think as students we should do something about this. even in the news, some of the teachers of random schools said that the papers were changed up and made harder for the 2015 junior cert students.

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      Its not all bad though because it gives you the excuse for getting a bad result in a subject that you might not be good at anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      Roberto Mane

      @Dazzla,I was wondering when you were going to make an appearance

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      @hamzamughees To be honest, I don't mind if they made our exams harder than usual. It's more of a challenge, and the feeling of success would be more rewarding, since it was a harder exam. I didn't really expect people, who made a genuine effort to do well in the exams, to get angry over the difficulty of the exam. If a person really worked hard, then it shouldn't be much of a struggle for them. If they struggled, then they probably didn't work extensively, and they wouldn't be bothered by the exams that much. I do wonder if having to rely on the pattern of the layout of the exams (and the common questions asked) is not greatly effective for success in the exams. I focused in understanding every section of the Junior Cert course, instead of knowing what is most likely to come up. I find that knowing something does not last in your mind for very long. Understanding information is more important and, in this way, information stays with you for the long-term, and you can apply this to unusual situations (such as being asked difficult questions in the exams) better.

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      @Dazzla16 I couldn't agree with you more. Understanding the material on a course is key to a good grade.Yet the junior cert encourages rote learning unfortunately. We were all told to use past exam papers but I don't think that's good advice as look what happened this year?...

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      @Dazzla16, and @VampireBlue1234. I do agree with you guys, understanding the concept and properly learning and studying would give you the success you are looking for, but when a person comes into an exam, he will always think that the layout of the questions will be the same as the layout of the questions in the past papers, and he will have also studied according to the exam papers, people say that at the last weeks of your exams, you should just do exam papers, that's the whole point because than you can expect some questions to come and some to not, and you could easily predict what will come. by the way, for an example, you know the question about the limewater experiment, I learned this experiment and when I did the heading said, 'To investigate that we inhale much less carbon dioxide than we exhale'. But in the question it said, 'prove that the air has carbon dioxide in it'. So that is the point I was trying to make. I do agree with you guys, but in this case I do not totally agree with you guys.

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      @hamzamughess yip that caught me out aswell.I was livid because I worked so hard and then I didn't understand half the paper!!!

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      Thats exactly what I mean.

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      @hamzamughees and @Dazzla16 I really wish ye were in my class as nobody else in my class gives a hoot about anything!! I could do with more intelligent people in the class! Do ye have any exams left I have Spanish tomorrow.

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      @hamzamughees and @Dazzla16 I really wish ye were in my class as nobody else in my class gives a hoot about anything!! I could do with more intelligent people in the class! Do ye have any exams left I have Spanish tomorrow.

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      I agree with dazzla16, if you know and understand your topics, the format of past papers, shouldn't influence you too much especially with changes this year, but I do agree also with hamzamughees that I like to have a bit of comfort knowing that I'm familiar with what I'm going to see

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      @VampireBlue1234, I have Technology left and that is on Wednesday. Wish me luck. BTW, best of luck in Spanish.

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      @hamzamughess Thanks and good luck:] I'm sure you'll do great! Can't wait for it all to be over!!!!!

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      Thanx VampireBlue1234

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