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    Theorem help! Braddlesnake

    Are theorems guaranteed every year because ive been looking through past project maths exam papers and only some years have them included, and if they are... is there a pattern to how the come up or is it totally random and what would be the most likely to come up this year

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      They seem to come up in some shape or form most years as in they might be worked into a question instead of giving you the blank page and having to prove it.. its pretty random but teachers in our school are predicting pythagoras

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      Theorem 19 is expected this year as it came up in 2012 and 2014 - pattern going in every 2nd year, so I am assuming it will come up this year.

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      are theorems only on p.2?

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      That I know of sod14 ^?

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      what theorem is theorem 19? Pythagoras?

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      No The angle and the centre of the circle is twice the angle at the circumference standing on the same arc.

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      is it due to come up by itself or mixed in with a question, Thanks!

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      Exactly as 2014 was

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      Is it due to come up tomorrow?

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      They've only ever came up on paper 2 (same as constructions) but it is possible for them to come on paper 1 (but highly unlikely)

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      do you think theorem 19 will come up for hl maths

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      YES - that's what level I am talking about here ogechi!?

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      Thank you @feery best of luck tomorrow!

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      @ogechi, I really don't know which one will come up, I'd be surprised if theorm 19 did since its been so popular... but its still a good one to know :) (good luck)

      Thanks @emmawarhurst sorry only saw this now! Good luck in your exams :)

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