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    Theorem Predictions for HL? EH458

    Anyone got any predictions for what theorem is coming up for HL? My teacher has a feeling it will be Pythagoras theorem because it hasn't come up on the JC since the syllabus changed and it came up on our mock, opinions?

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      Эргодическая гипотеза

      De Morgen's theorem

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      viva la betty

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      I think the theorem where the angle at the center is twice the angle at the top.It has came up in 2012 and 2014 and more than likely this year

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      Yes the theorem that David10 is talking 'bout I think will come up ^

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      Pythagoras' theorem has been appearing frequently in my exam papers? Plus it is in the tables books.

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      Nadine S

      Would you say theorem 19 will come up? It came up in my mocks.

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      either the circle theorem or pythagoras

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      They're all easy to learn off anyways, don't see how it could be a problem......

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      Pythagoras' Theorem (Theorem 14) is most likely to come up. However I would learn the circle theorem (Theorem 19) as it has came up frequently in the past few years.

      Also, remember that Theorem 14 is proved by making 2 right-angled triangles with the main one, by using trigonometric ratios for each smaller triangle is to the main one, and by finally adding these two ratios together.

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      @SryanBruen actually, proving Pythagoras' Theorem has never came up in the New Project Maths papers, so I wouldn't be so certain. And it's hardly given in the log tables (nor is any other formal proof, for that matter) - otherwise everyone would just copy it straight out of them.

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      Ec2406 I have seen the log tables and it is in it. I don't mean it as a proof, I mean it as a separate thing in a question like Trigonometry where you have to find a missing side before finding the sin, cos or tan.

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      @SryanBruen that isn't what this thread is about though- anyone can use the Pythagoras Theorem if it's just finding a 3rd side

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      Oh sorry

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