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Theorem Predictions for P2?
jackw16 Junior Cert Mathematics — 11/06/16 8

Any ideas which one will come up and are the theorems hard to learn?

MercRecon96 — 11/06/16
no clue bud, i'd also like to know
holly2012 — 11/06/16
pythgoras apparently
Alex F — 11/06/16
I think either Theorem 14 ( Pythguras) as the mock companies used that in paper 2 or Theorem 19 ( Angles in a circle) it came up in 2014 and 2012. The pattern is every two years but seems unlikely
Pdelaney — 11/06/16
what theorems are actually on the course for this year?
Alex F — 11/06/16
4,6,9,14 and 19
Pdelaney — 11/06/16
123HOLOPER456 — 11/06/16
does this mean 4,6 or 9 isnt likely to come up
Alex F — 11/06/16
4,6 and 9 are very easy to know like 4 is angles in a triangle = 180o
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