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Tips and Study Notes fir JC Maths
Stargirl Junior Cert Mathematics — 28/09/16 8

Tips, Study Notes for JC Maths for HL and O Level Maths , Thanks for any advice !!!

yusuf2adam — 22/09/16
Honestly i cant really give much advice from my position because i pretty much only started studying for my jc 2 weeks before the actual exam, but i managed to get a B for maths. What i did was pretty much just papers, thats the best thing imo anyways, just do papers
Alex F — 25/09/16
My main tips that I used when studying for Maths are as follows 1. Really understand why a concept works in Maths, Students who get a C or D know how a certain sum works, A or B students knows why certain methods will or will not work. 2. Write out in like the back or front of a copy all the formulas that are NOT in the Logbook, this will save a lot of time of searching through the book, and shows you clearly what you need to know. 3. Make sure the work is neat, remember the examiner has about 400 papers to correct, and will not spend all day searching through your work for an answer. Work down the way, not side to side And draw a red box around your final answer. 4. If a question requires a formula, write that first in a different colour pen, so that it is clear to the examiner you know what is needed to solve the sum 5. Attempt every question if you get an incorrect answer for example calculating the wrong area in part a) if you continue the answer you have and answer the question as norminal you can possible get 90% of the marks, as you demonstrated you know how to answer but made a tiny area at the beginning. 6. Read the Chief Examiers Report on the SEC Website, this shows you the exact comments and issues from examiners regarding certain topics, showing you clearly what they want in an answer. Best of Luck
Aniboh — 26/09/16
@alexf do you have an email address
Alex F — 27/09/16
@Aniboh Yes I do, what would you want it for?
Aniboh — 28/09/16
Notes in History and Geography, @alexf
Alex F — 28/09/16
@Aniboh Here is my email address alexben.fitzgerald@gmail.com Oh and I don't do have Geography notes, it's only Maths, History and Science I do But I know SyranBrian [ Sorry if I misspell) Has some Great Notes in his discussions
Aniboh — 28/09/16
@alexf, I'll make sure to contact you, the notes would be great help, can you please send a link to SyranBreun's thread please?
Alex F — 28/09/16
I couldn't really find them, try to find a post where he was in( probably JC Irish and Geography and Music) and just click his profile and it should show all his notes
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