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    Urgent!!! Maths paper1 Aoife24

    Are you allowed use a pencil in the exam ?

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      Ask your supervisor tomorrow, but bring pens just in case.

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      yes you are it doesnt matter as long as they can read it. im using pencil anyways

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      don't think you are allowed

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      Yes you can, it doesn't matter what you use, but try not to rub out much cause even something you thought was wrong could get you marks

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      I heard just as long as it doesn't get rubbed out easily you should be fine like when it's being posted around but when does pencil ever rub out that easy anyway?

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      if the exams are left in the sun the pencil can fade-well thats what my teacher said anyway-your'e better off using pen just in case! :)

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      you could show the rough work and the method for the question in pencil and then go over with the answer in pen

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      Yeah I'll just do that studybuddy15! And if I get time I'll go over everything in pen

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      Don't waste time doing it in pencil and then pen - that's not a good idea. Use pen if possible, or a good dark pencil if you must.

      Hope that helps,


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