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    What comes up Paper 1 and 2 Whitestar

    Hi, What always comes up on paper 1 and paper 2. thnx

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      Paper 1: Algebra, Functions and Number

      Paper 2: Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability and well as Area and Volume

      Be careful though as there may be cross over knowledge required

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      Paper 1 also has Applied Arithmetic

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      the front f your exam papers will give you a break down also

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      I gave the stands above

      Number contains things like sets, ratio, time, speed, applied arithmetic, indices, Surds,scientific notation and number systems .

      Algebra has stuff like inequalities, factorising, long division of expressions, rearranging formulae, algebraic fractions, real life graphs, patterns and sequences

      Geometry and Trigonometry contains the theorems,corollaries, axioms,proofs, constructions and coordinate geometry.

      The others are obvious

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      Area and Volume is in Number but appears on paper 2

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      a good few questions on mathematics I think. dont quote me on that tho

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      guys those r amazing tips thank alot

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