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What is it like??
kagami1 Junior Cert Mathematics — 21/09/16 2

What is the maths exam in JC like?? Do ordanary and higher level have the same exam??

Azam — 21/09/16
No ordinary is easier (obviously) the papers are different and quite a few schools won't let you do higher level for the leaving cert if you did ordinary level maths for junior cert, so that would be a step back if you want the extra points in LC. As for the exam itself i got an A i thought it was easy but sure i put in a good few hours. All in all unless you're failing JC Higher maths you shouldn't drop.
Stargirl — 21/09/16
Hi, I haven't done JC Maths but I think it's better if u do the Higher Level Maths for JC and LC Maths as u may get higher points .
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