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    workings jack2001


    if you answer a maths question correctly but leave NO workings will you still get full marks??

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      Not that I know off

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      no you don't get full marks

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      Oh I read it wrong, I thought you said "will you still get marks" (not full marks) and no you 100% do not. Always show your workings!

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      no! you do get full marks if youre right. If a question is looking for an answer ( area and volume question) and you give it correctly,youll get all the marks.

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      I don't think you would get full marks but you should always show your workings because even if you get the answer wrong in the end but you still had the right method then you will get some of the marks for your attempt. This is better than getting no marks at all.

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      No, they brought it in last year where it states at the beginning of the paper that students will be taken off marks if not all working out is shown. So even if you get the right answer but don't show workings out, you won't get all the marks

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