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    Music songs to sing for my juniorr??? G3ORGIA

    Help me please:)

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      it depends on what type of singer you are... what vocal range you have?? i am a mezzo-alto i think... and i have a very powerful voice, so i might do a belter ;) what type of singer are you??

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      yes, stick to your range! don't try and over complicate things and also.. try something that wont be overdone! avoid les mis, annie and wicked.. maybe try something from guys and dolls,bugsy Malone, into the woods etc :D and avoid pop if possible! or at least if you are doing pop do a 'classic pop' song (beatles, ed sheeran, ellie goulding your song, lily allen somewhere only we know) something like that.. and my music teacher is an examiner for practicals, and he said he hates hearing people do adele because it is done to death!

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      Hey, my main advice is to try and vary your genres. Pick contrasting pieces that will show your versatility as a musician. However that doesn't mean you should try and show off and sing something too high (or too low) for you. As Eabha said, stick to your range! Anyway you have loads of time to go yet so don't get too stressed. Ask your teacher, or older students for advice. When I did the JC I did two singing pieces and two on the piano. I sang a classical piece "silent worship" by Handel and then a for a more modern (pop) piece, I sang "true colours", and I got an A! Hope this helped and good luck!!!

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      ^agreed! And incase you are doing all solo singing.. (as I am) remember that you will be marked on higher standard, so if your pieces are simple they have to be really good. Vary them, I am singing two classical, one musical theatre and one pop song!

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      Good choice Eabha! Wish I was still doing JC music......

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