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    Choice Works saoirseeva

    Just wondering what works people have done? Can u tell me as I would like to study them as I know that they come up nearly every year. Thanks

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      Why, did your teacher not give you any to learn?

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      No not yet

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      Here's mine anyways

      Illustrative and film music:

      Hogwart's March (from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) by Patrick Doyle

      F1: Brass instruments playing only

      F2: Brass fanfare creates exciting atmosphere

      Theme and variations:

      When the Saints Go Marching In by Louis Armstrong

      F1: Variation of instruments throughout

      F2: Melody varies by singing and extra notes

      Movements involving an instrumental or vocal soloist or a group of soloists with an accompanying ensemble:

      The Anvil Chorus (from Il Trovatore) by Giuseppe Verdi

      F1: Triangle imitation of the hammer hitting the anvil

      F2: Voices sung in unison

      Dance movements:

      Fr. Conroy's Jig (from The Seville Suite: Kinsale to La Coruña) by Bill Whelan

      F1: Ornamentation on notes

      F2: Accordion plays melody with orchestral accompaniment

      Orchestral piece with traditional instrument:

      Ripples in the Rockpools by Shaun Davey

      F1: Uilleann pipes play an Irish reel with orchestral accompaniment

      F2: Restlessness mood with changing time signatures

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      This is great thanks a million

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