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    Dictation Help Suitcasey114

    Hello all.I, like many struggle with dictation in school and regularly get within the 18-25 mark in past papers.I'd very much want to improve but don't know how to go about it.I have done past papers but there's only so much of these and want to know how else to go about this.

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      Firstly, what level is this? Is it HL and the melody part you're getting frequently wrong?

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      Yes,I'm honours.I'm getting the rhythm fine,maybe one or two mistakes if I don't read over it but grand for the most part.But yeah, I struggle with the pitch,I get the final doh and one or two other notes but that's it

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      Have u got any piano or any phone app that you can play a piano on? This will get you more used to the sound of the notes - it may not feel like it but believe me, it does. After all, there are only so many notes they can ask you in the exam (meaning 2 pitched gs, 1 pitched b etc). Once you hear each note on the piano about like 100 times, you will definitely feel more confident and smart about melody. It also helps to sing along the tonic solfa to the tune. So like, start singing low on middle C (doh) and high on the next doh (which would be an octave higher at the next C on the piano).

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      Yeah,I have a keyboard that I try and play the scales on for about 10 mins a day.I haven't tried singing for the pure reason I can't pitch notes and I find the different timbres of my voice and the keyboard off putting but I might try it and see where it gets me

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      Yep always good to try! #NEVERGIVEUP - ha if you heard my song, you'd get that LOL

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      i am the same as well i cant get the melody right at all. i usually get all the rhythm right tho.

      i dont really find the keyboard very helpful either

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      I don't see anything else. Even my revision books have nothing else - the exact same thing I said.

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      Another thing our teacher said was to use reference tunes eg Doh-Doh-Soh-Soh is Twinkle,Twinkle,which works for me to some extent,but I can only hear the tunes as a whole melody,I can't separate them into pitch and rhythm.This might work for some people,so I put it up in case

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      Mmmmm this is very tricky. You have to try and find something that works for you. I just said the thing because it works for me.

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