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    Free Composition SryanBruen

    I am a genius songwriter - I am not being egoistic - ask anybody! I may be a very horrible singer but I have a big talent for songwriting as I do not need to be beside an instrument or play an instrument to write a song with music and lyrics - I do it all in my head. Due to this, I am gonna do Q9 on the exam paper and nobody is stopping me, not my teacher, not past students getting low marks on it etc. I am posting this because do you think I have the right attitude to attempting this question? Have a look of one of my compositions for example:

    attachment Abandoned Love.pdf

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      Oh sorry, that's not the full composition this is..

      attachment Abandoned Love - Copy.pdf

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      its very good i think you should go with whatever you feel suits you. are you doing junior cert this year

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      Yes and thank you

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