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    Higher Level Music. Beachy123

    Any predictions or tips on songs/essays... anything? I am only beginning study for music.. is that bad? :(

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      No it isn't. Music is very basic. Most of your marks go for listening to the tape and thinking of things like texture - homophonic, monophonic and polyphonic, dynamics - piano, forte, mezzo, etc, tempo - allegro, allegretto, moderato etc. The only things you could really study are

      - Types of Irish dances

      - Traditional and non-traditional Irish music instruments

      - Your general study

      - Your choice songs and works for each category

      - Composers, features and titles of your set songs and I predicted Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major Movement 2: Affetuoso to come up for the set work

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      Thank you^ Sorry I only saw it now :)

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      @Syran Bruen, why do you think that Brandenburg affetuoso is coming up, and just out of interest what did you play for your practical?

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      Because Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major has not come up since 2004 and Allegro came up in 2004. Also Affetuoso came up on my mock. I played Recorder - I was forced to though I wanted to play Piano.

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      Rodeo came up on my mock and it hasn't came up since 2007 so it might come up? You never know with music because in 2010 and 2013 peer gynt came up and i bet none of them expected peer gynt to appear on the paper in 2013 because it came up last before their paper

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      We'll see anyway

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      I know nothing :(

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      It could be morning or hall of the mountain king or anitras dance too ?

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      Good prediction Jade, you got it right.

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      Thanks SryanBruen ! I thought it would either be Brandenburg or rodeo. But nonetheless I was glad it was rodeo. I thought it was a lovely paper. How did ye find it?

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      It was a grand paper but there were some weird questions. The Slip Jig Irish music question comes to mind. As well as the fact that the choice songs and works did not ask the texture of any excerpt - I've seen such a question in literally every exam paper I did including my mock. I was delighted that the choice song was popular songs though. The general study came up a little differently which confused me whether to do 2 or 3 features but I did 3 features anyway - because in the old layout, they told us to do 3 features. Some questions on Hoedown from Rodeo were weird as well such as "Name the melody". I was very happy with one of the choice songs as Eye of the Tiger and See You Again in Q6 - because I know them songs too well that I knew the answers without looking at the sheet music or listening to them. Overall, I thought it was a lovely paper - like your opinion.

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      Yeah, my music teacher was annoyed with that Irish music question. She said that everyone will probably get it wrong and they'll be forced to alter the marking scheme because of it. She also said that the slip jig and 9/8 time is on the Lc course and not ours so they never should have ever put it on our paper. Yeah, my teacher said that the general study would of caught a few people out. I did it the same as I always would really. Just the 3 features. My teacher said that about rodeo as well - the Melody is the name of the section e.g mcleods reel, bonyparte. I guessed bonyparte as the answer because I wasn't sure what the question was asking and she said it was right so it was grand.

      I thought the set songs were nice and so was the rodeo in general. Irish music essay on collector was the exact same as my mock word for word. Dictation wasn't bad (for once) and the aural skills I thought were easy enough (nice to listen too as well) - the composing questions were lovely too!

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      I guessed Bonyparte as well! YES!

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